Welcome to Future Physiotherapy!

Hi, and welcome to Future Physiotherapy! I’m so excited to be sharing my new business with the women of London.


The idea of Future Physiotherapy first came about when I had my child nearly two years ago. As a first time mother, I was constantly looking to others for advice about every topic related to motherhood, however I found there was limited advice around the safe return to exercise. I’m talking about real, evidence based guidelines that you can trust. There is so much conflicting information on the internet, and so much pressure on women to get back into shape, it’s so hard to know what to believe sometimes. All these women around me were desperate to feel fit again and to lose some of the baby weight. It’s often a priority that we become so focussed on, we will begin at any price, often to our own detriment.


I was also surprised at the lack of physiotherapy offered to new mums in London. Yes, there are some fantastic private clinics out there you can find if you seek them out, but it’s not common place for it to be offered to everyone. I had a caesarian section in the NHS, and the nurse just looked at me strangely when I asked when the physio was coming to see me. Back in Australia, where I completed my training, it’s standard practice to be seen by a physiotherapist following surgery.


There are so many things a physiotherapist can offer you during this phase of your life, to ensure your individual rehabilitation needs are met to make a full recovery. If you suffer from back pain, if you are unsure how to activate your pelvic floor, if you recently had a baby, or if you are unsure when to safely return to exercise, please get in touch and I will provide an assessment and treatment to address your needs.


I have a strong background in rehabilitation, and it’s become a passion of mine to focus this knowledge on women. Our aim is to provide a convenient and efficient service, in the comfort of your own home.


I plan to keep this blog updated weekly, but also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more regular updates. Please email me if you have any questions, or if you would like to make a booking.