Neck pain while feeding - preventable and treatable

Neck pain is one of the most common postpartum complaints because mothers spend so much time seated, leaning forwards, and gazing down at their baby during feeding sessions. Unsuitable feeding positions, sustained over a prolonged period of time, puts strain on the neck - causing pain, nerve pressure and muscle strains.


Here are some top tips to avoid neck pain while feeding your baby:


Sit in a supportive chair

While a soft couch is tempting, try to sit in a more supportive, upright chair to avoid slouching while feeding your baby. If the couch is your only option, then place a pillow behind your lower back for support, and prop yourself up with extra pillows if required.  If your feet don’t touch the ground, use a footstool to support your feet. This helps to relax your lower back and prevent you from leaning forwards. 


Focus on proper posture

If you’re breastfeeding, bring your baby to your breast and not your breast to your baby. If you have trouble latching, hunch over your baby only to obtain a solid latch, and then scoop your baby up and lean back while holding your baby against your body to relax into the chair. Remaining in the hunched over position for the whole feed puts enormous strain on the muscles around your neck and shoulders.

Use a few pillows, or a specific ‘nursing pillow’ on your lap to raise your baby to a comfortable height where you are both relaxed.

While feeding, remember to draw your shoulder blades together and drop your shoulders down away from your ears, to relax all the muscles around your neck and shoulders.

If you’re bottle feeding, alternate sides to give your muscles a break.


Apply heat

If you are starting to experience neck pain, placing a heat pack around the area can help to loosen tight muscles and ease the pain. Alternatively, enjoy a warm shower, focusing the water on the neck and upper back area.


See a Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist can provide you with stretches, exercises, advice and hands on treatment required specifically for you. Neck pain while feeding is very common, but is also very treatable, so don’t suffer in silence. Book an appointment today -  your future self will thank you!



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