Know the Benefits of Physiotherapy Treatment in Pregnancy At Wandsworth

Pregnancy is considered one of the most creative, beautiful and fulfilling phase in a woman’s life. Every pregnant woman’s wish is to have a hassle free and complication free pregnancy. One of the best ways to remain fit is through Physiotherapy. It is a highly recommended treatment for the pregnant woman during pregnancy or after the birth of the child.


Pregnancy is a time of tremendous changes in terms of musculoskeletal, physical and emotional condition. It brings a tremendous stress on the body despite being a condition of great satisfaction and happiness. During this period, the chances of having back pain, neck pain and pelvic pains are very common. This is where physiotherapy treatment in Wandsworth can help, dealing mainly with the issues related to pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, and managing your baby.


Why Physiotherapy During and After Pregnancy?          


For a pregnant woman, carrying the weight of the baby for nine months is definitely not easy. Our Post-Natal Physiotherapy treatment in Wandsworth helps the women in sorting a number of issues. Urinary leakage is also a common issue not only during pregnancy but even after giving birth. Our physiotherapists can help by providing a thorough assessment of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and other muscular changes that have occurred as a result of pregnancy


Our physiotherapist will guide you through a series of pelvic floor muscle exercise and core stability training to prevent and treat these concerns during and following pregnancy. Both the pre-natal and post-natal treatment focuses on different concerns. The pre-natal treatment is meant to prevent musculoskeletal pains, prevent or treat incontinence and prepare a woman for labor. On the other hand, the post-natal program is designed to treat musculoskeletal pains, post-natal abdominal issues with massage and exercise routines.


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