Best Physiotherapy Treatment for Mums At Wandsworth

Giving birth to a baby is a joyous occasion for everyone in the family. However, to make the process easy for the mother-to-be, it is beneficial to make the body flexible. She will be better equipped to welcome the newborn. The best way is through specific exercises for mums. In Wandsworth, Future physiotherapy offers physiotherapy sessions for mums to teach them antenatal and postnatal exercises.


Antenatal Exercises:


The antenatal exercises provide relief from low and mid back pain. Pregnant also suffer from sciatica pains and muscular spasms. These exercises also provide women relief from such pains. Pregnant women are also vulnerable to bladder control problems or constipation. Antenatal exercises help combat these problems.


Postnatal Exercises:


Postnatal exercises provide women relief from shoulder, neck, and back pains. These exercises also target women suffering from post-cesarean pains. Pregnant women are also bladder/bowel control and constipation/ straining.


Physiotherapy for women in Wandsworthby Future physiotherapy offers relief through pain-relieving strategies such as deep massage, and other manual therapies.


How does Future Physiotherapy provide better services?


We come to your doorstep to teach you exercises. Yes! We provide physiotherapy treatmentin the comfort of your home. We have a team of experienced and friendly therapists who will visit you at your home to teach you the exercises. We know that the pain areas of each mother are different. We teach specific exercises meant for each mother. We provide customised exercise sessions. Our services are client-centric. We will visit you according to your convenience. Our exercises focus on core-stability, muscle strengthening, postural stretches, and coordination techniques. We also provide you the convenience of sending you the exercises over the phone. We not only provide antenatal and prenatal exercises but also welcome all women.


Our Process


In case you have an area of concern or injury, you can visit our doctors for an initial consultation. Our specialists will identify the problem areas and determine the plan of action for you.


The initial consultation is followed by a number of follow-up appointments to achieve the planned goals by further course of treatment.


Additionally, we also offer a one-off session to address any queries you may have about recovery and safe return to exercises during the post-natal period. During this session, the mum is assessed and advised. She is suggested customised exercises based on her condition. The objective of this session is helping the mother in recovery. It is recommended to have a post-natal assessment before resuming exercises. This ensures optimal pelvic, abdominal, and pelvic floor recovery.


For mums who have had a Caesarean section, our physiotherapists teach gentle exercises, movements, etc. to enable them to recover and return to full exercise.


In case you do not live in Wandsworth and are unable to be seen on a home visit, No worries! We even have video consultation services. We offer consultation to physiotherapy for mothers through our video consultation services.


We also offer online reading material for further advice and support to help you reach your goals.

If you require physiotherapy for mums in Wandsworth, connect with Future Physiotherapy!