Postpartum Physiotherapy Sessions in Wandsworth

Giving birth to a baby gives a new life to the mother as well. However, a mother’s body undergoes drastic changes after giving birth irrespective of whether it is a vaginal or a C-section delivery. After giving birth to a new life, mothers are often worried about the changes that their bodies have undergone and if they will come back to their original shape again? But the good news is that mamas can get their pelvic health back with postpartum physiotherapy in Wandsworth!


Future Physiotherapy focuses on helping mothers get back their pelvic health as soon as possible with the help of peronalised physiotherapy sessions for the mother. We understand that there are no fixed set of exercises for all mothers. The exercises depend on the condition of the mother and so we suggest specific exercises to help the mother recoup.


After delivery, a mother needs emotional support in addition to physical support when she is trying to come to terms with her body. We explain to the mother the reasons for their symptoms. We have internal pelvic floor therapy that is designed to decrease the tension and increase the support for your pelvis and entire body. Postpartum physiotherapy in Wandsworth also provides external manual therapy that improves joint and nerve mobility.


The biggest advantage of physiotherapy with Future Physiotherapy is that we provide you with peronalised sessions in the comfort of your home. You need not travel to a far of physiotherapy centre, but our therapists will come to your doorstep and provide you sessions.


Future Physiotherapy also provides an initial consultation in case you have any specific area of concern. You can visit our expert doctors and they will plan out the treatment sessions for you. We also offer follow-up appointments after the initial consultation to ensure that the treatment is on the right track. In addition, our doctors are available for post-natal checkups for proper recovery. We also offer video consultations to mothers who can’t visit us.


In case you require postpartum physiotherapy in Wandsworth, Future Physiotherapy is the best choice to help you recover in a gentle yet fast manner!