Get rid of pregnancy back pain with physiotherapy treatment at Wandsworth

The pregnancy in women is usually followed by problems such as low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, rib pain or neck pain. Such sort of body issues can be treated by doing certain simple exercises and following healthy habits.These can strengthen the muscles and effectively reduce and prevent back pain after delivery. There are some considerations that one need to make while performing strengthening exercises. Like, these must be performed in a controlled manner.


Being a common woman, you may not have any idea about such considerations and you may continue doing pregnancy back pain exercises in an incorrect way. So, if you want to restore your complete health, it’s better to consider the services of a physiotherapist who can provide you with prenatal and postpartum rehabilitation. At Future Physiotherapy, we have a proficient team of experts to guide you regarding pregnancy pelvic girdle pain exercises in Wandsworth and pregnancy back pain exercises.

We are passionate about offering mums the confidence and awareness of how to carefully exercise so that they can perform daily activities pain-free.


Below, let’s have a detailed look at what you can expect from us:


Get an assessment at your home


 We understand that no place can be as comfortable and convenient as a home so, we assess and treat your own residence. We observe you in your own environment and always ensure that we provide specific advice and exercises to correct your pelvic girdle pain and back pain.


Specialized in prenatal and postnatal rehabilitation


 We consider every aspect of treatment of a  pregnant woman. Whether you need our help during pregnancy or after delivery, we can prescribe you the most effective back pain exercises, pelvic girdle pain exercises in Wandsworth and many more.


Follow up appointment


Woman’s body experience various physical and hormonal changes, which cause painful conditions. We don’t consider trouble you more and offer you an array of follow up appointments to achieve your health goals within less time.


In addition to this, you can also ask us for the video consultation along with reading materials. So, what is the need of suffering from back pain or pelvic girdle pain? Just get in touch with FurturePhysiotherapy and say bye to any health problem during your pregnancy!