Get Effective Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in South West London

During pregnancy, women’s body experience numerous hormonal and physical changes. They are also more susceptible to frequent painful conditions and injuries. So, with this understanding, we have started offering the rehabilitation physiotherapy to treat the pregnant women with professional care and consideration.


At FuturePhysitherapy, we have a proficient team of pelvic health professionals who emphasis on complete joint stabilization and core strengthening. We basically focus on creating a solid foundation required for the busy mums in South West London.


What type of Rehabilitation Physiotherapy in South West London do we offer?


At FuturePhysiotherapy, we provide comprehensive guidance on the right posture and positioning, joint stiffness and release muscle tension. For this, we prescribe stretches and simple exercises which are so easy to incorporate into the hectic schedule of a pregnant woman.


Prenatal rehabilitation


For the period of pregnancy, women go through extensive discomfort as many postural changes occur in their bodies. Low back pain, sciatica, and dyspareunia are the most common. We provide a unique evaluation and required care for the individual woman. Our therapists have specifically designed instructions for the correct sleep position, pelvic floor training, postural strength, and safe prenatal exercises. Our guidance will definitely benefit you!


Postpartum rehabilitation


Women may also experience certain issues or body changes following childbirth. The inclusion of physical exercises in the daily routine can help them get their proper health back. At FuturePhysiotherapy, the expert physical therapist offers individualized instructions for eliminating the repetition discomfort and pain.


Difficult deliveries may lead to the risk of long-term incontinence after delivery. But, getting rehabilitation physiotherapy during pregnancy and the immediately after the post-partum stage has shown the reduced chances of future incontinence and other issues. With just a number of sessions with the physical therapists, you can develop improved awareness and prepare your body for the delivery.


The best thing is that you can get rehabilitation physiotherapy at your home!